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auxiliary building 24 m2


The idea of a building is based on prefabricated elements of a certain size, which can be combined to create a garage or auxiliary building that meets your needs and wishes.

There are wall elements without openings or apertures with dimensions of 6 × 2.4 m (large element) and 4 × 2.4 m (small element), large element with door and/or door window, small element with door and window, small element with garage door and roof elements suitable for a 24 m2 building.

The elements can be ordered together with the installation or as a ‘Do It Yourself’ set.

Mounting the elements on the prepared foundation takes about 2.5-3 hours. A crane or a smaller lifting machine is required for assembly. Some building experience will be useful, but the assembly can be accomplished without the prior substantial building experience.


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